Installation Instructions


Printable Instructions: 

Click here to view our Die Cut Decal installation sheet


Click here to view our Mural installation sheet



Video Instructions: 

 Installing a Large Solid Wall Decal from Wallums Wall Decor


Installing a Multi-Piece Wall Decal from Wallums Wall Decor


Printed Wall Decal Installation - Peel and Stick! from Wallums Wall Decor



When the time comes for you to remove your wall decals, you can do this in one of two ways...

1. Use your fingernail and gently start peeling at a corner and pull the decal until full removal.  Be sure this is done by peeling the decal back upon itself at a 180 degree angle and not a 90 degree angle - this will help prevent tearing. Peel slowly to prevent damaging the paint on your walls.

2. Get a piece of masking tape and apply the tape on top of the decal. Slowly peel up the tape and the decal pieces should pull up with it. There are different strengths of adhesive to some masking tapes. We recommend testing the masking tape on the wall in an inconspicuous spot prior to use.

Best Way to Remove Your Wall Decal  

The "hello." decal shown above is available for purchase, along with other fun words, here: