Skinny Arrow Chalkboard Wall Decal



Point your home in the right direction with these stylish Skinny Arrow Chalkboard Wall Decals. 

Three arrows per set; 23.5" wide x 5.5" tall, 23.5", 23.5" wide x 6" tall, 23.5" wide x 7" tall

Our premium Chalkboard wall decal is super easy to install. A thick 4.7 mil thickness allows for effortless installation. For use in home applications, yet durable enough for commercial applications. 

Our Chalkboard wall decal can be written with either chalk* or chalk markers*. To clean, simply wipe with a regular eraser or a damp cloth.

 Please note: Chalkboard is blank. Example images have sample drawings on them

 *Chalk/Markers not included*