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Large Windy Tree with Birdhouse Wall Decal

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Custom large windy tree wall decal. This windy tree and hanging birdhouse wall decal features hundreds of leaves along with a birdhouse with 3 swallows. The birdhouse and swallows can be moved to just about any position on the tree. The leaves will need to be placed individually hand, which means that no two tree wall vinyl installations will be the same. You can be sure that your design is unique to your creativity. 

Now available in a repositionable version! Printed Removable Windy Tree Wall Decal w/ Birdhouse

Shown above in black and lime-tree green. Size is 135" x 96" in the example. If you want a second color for the leaves, be sure to select the option above. 

The above dimensions represent the overall size of the tree as installed in the example picture above. This includes the leaves and trunk. Since the leaves will be placed individually, your overall dimensions may vary depending on how you place the leaves. For reference, we have included the dimensions of just the trunk/branches below without any leaves installed:

102" x 60" kit - Tree/branches alone measure 60" wide x 55.5" tall

108" x 77" kit- Tree/branches alone measure 76" wide x 70" tall

118" x 84" kit- Tree/branches alone measure 83" wide x 76" tall

135" x 96" kit- Tree/branches alone measure 95" wide x 87" tall

151" x 108" kit- Tree/branches alone measure 107" wide x 98" tall

168" x 120" kit- Tree/branches alone measure 118" wide x 108" tall



Wall Decal Checkmark Decal has a matte finish to reduce light reflections and look more natural.

Wall Decal Checkmark Easily removable without any damage to the surface.

 Designs are made of the highest quality interior safe wall vinyl.

 All of our vinyl wall decals are produced in the U.S.A.

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Colors in our previewer and example images are a computer rendition and may not be 100% accurate. We advise you to view our color chart to see an actual picture of the color for a better representation.