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Jellyfish Wall Decal



Jelly Fish are fascinating creatures! Because they are not strong swimmers, they must ride the ocean's current. Their tentacles sting due to millions of small stinging cells that release toxins to help capture food. But they also help provide habitat for smaller fish in areas where there are few places to hide. Experience the magic of these amazing creatures with this Jelly fish wall decal.

Did you know a group of jelly fish is called a smack? Bring home our smack to create a marine life or beach theme in your space with this aquatic wall decal!

16" x 24" Size Kit:

  • Large Jelly Fish: 7" w x 14" h approx. 
  • Medium Jelly Fish: 6" w x 11" approx.
  • Small Jelly Fish: 9" w x 8" h approx.
 24" x 36" Size Kit:
  • Large Jelly Fish: 11" w x 21" h approx. 
  • Medium Jelly Fish: 9" w x 17" approx.
  • Small Jelly Fish: 13" w x 12" h approx.

32" x 48" Size Kit:
  • Large Jelly Fish: 14" w x 28" h approx. 
  • Medium Jelly Fish: 12" w x 22" approx.
  • Small Jelly Fish: 18" w x 16" h approx.


Wall Decal Checkmark Decal has a matte finish to reduce light reflections and look more natural.

Wall Decal Checkmark Easily removable without any damage to the surface.

Designs are made of the highest quality interior safe wall vinyl.

All of our vinyl wall decals are produced in the U.S.A.

Easy to Install. Comes with detailed instructions, a free squeege and test decal.


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