Installation Instructions

Wall Preparation for Wallums Wall Decals and Murals

Important! To ensure a successful installation of Wallums wall decals and murals, and to prevent post-application peeling, it is crucial to properly prepare the wall surface, especially if you are working with a wall painted with low-VOC paint.

Use the 3M™ Enhanced Adhesion Cleaning Method below to ensure the decal or mural adheres properly. Follow these steps:

a. Prepare a cleaning solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and 30% water in a spray bottle.

b. Soak a clean, lint-free cloth with the cleaning solution until it is dripping wet.

c. Clean the application area with overlapping strokes. You may notice some paint particles on the cloth during the first cleaning.

d. Thoroughly soak another clean, lint-free cloth with the cleaning solution and wash the wall again. Cleaning the wall twice with the IPA and water solution can significantly boost adhesion for nearly any wall film applied to a painted substrate.

e. Allow the wall to dry. The wall will feel cooler to the touch than an unwashed area due to the alcohol in the cleaning solution. When it no longer feels cool, it is dry and ready for the film adhesion test or installation.

  1. Use our provided test birds to perform an adhesion test on each wall where graphics will be installed to ensure proper adhesion. 
  2. When prepping large wall surfaces, consider dividing the wall into sections using 3M masking tape. Prep one section at a time to ensure no area is missed.

By following these steps, you can properly prepare your wall for installing Wallums wall decals and murals, ensuring a successful application and preventing post-application peeling.

For more detailed instructions:

Printable Instructions: 

Click here to view our Die Cut Decal installation sheet

Click here to view our Mural installation sheet


Video Instructions: 

Installing a Hello Decal on your Front Door 

Installing a Large Solid Wall Decal from Wallums Wall Decor

Installing a Large Multi-Piece Wall Decal from Wallums Wall Decor

Installing a Wall Mural from Wallums Wall Decor

Installing a Printed Tree Wall Decal - Peel and Stick from Wallums Wall Decor

Installing Printed Birch Trees Wall Decal - Peel and Stick from Wallums Wall Decor

Installing a Peel and Stick Decal from Wallums Wall Decor


When the time comes for you to remove your wall decals, you can do this in one of two ways...

1. Use your fingernail and gently start peeling at a corner and pull the decal until full removal.  Be sure this is done by peeling the decal back upon itself at a 180-degree angle and not a 90-degree angle - this will help prevent tearing. Peel slowly to prevent damaging the paint on your walls.

2. Get a piece of masking tape and apply the tape on top of the decal. Slowly peel up the tape, and the decal pieces should pull up with it. There are different strengths of adhesive to some masking tapes. We recommend testing the masking tape on the wall in an inconspicuous spot before use.

Best Way to Remove Your Wall Decal

The "hello." decal shown above is available for purchase, along with other fun words, here: