Dark Blue Floral Outlines — Removable Wallpaper Panels



Introducing Wallums Dark Blue Floral Outlines Removable Wallpaper Panels - a contemporary and stylish way to enhance your living space effortlessly. These wallpaper panels feature beautifully crafted dark blue floral outlines, adding a modern touch and depth to any room.

Expertly designed, Wallums' removable wallpaper panels are easy to apply and reposition, making them perfect for renters or those looking to refresh their home decor without the commitment of traditional wallpaper. Experience a quick and hassle-free wall makeover with our peel-and-stick technology, designed to leave no damage on your walls.

Product Features:

Luxurious watercolor copper floral design
Peel-and-stick technology for easy application and removal without damaging walls
Repositionable, allowing for perfect alignment during installation
No need for a messy paste or a lengthy installation process
Perfect for renters, DIY enthusiasts, or those seeking a quick home decor update

Each tile is 24" wide x 48" tall. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Printed on an adhesive polyester fabric that is PVC free
Simple installation means no need to hire a professional to install
Works best on smooth, light-colored walls
Free Installation Squeegee with every order

Color Disclaimer:

There may be slight color differences depending on your monitor settings. We recommend ordering a 12x12 swatch for accurate color and pattern sizes.

More Product Info:
You can view answers to other frequently asked questions in our FAQ - http://faq.wallums.com/