Wall Color:

Awareness Ribbon Wall Decal



Support your cause with our Awareness Ribbon Wall Decal. 

Here is a list of some of the color meanings:

White - Violence against women awareness

Blue - Bullying awareness, Pro-choice, Colon cancer awareness, Huntington's disease awareness

Powder Blue - Child violence awareness, Prostate cancer awareness

Dark Blue - Human trafficking and sex slavery awareness

Orange - Animal abuse awareness, Lukemia awareness, Multipule sclerosis awareness, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Yellow - Amber alert, deployed soldiers, Bone cancer awareness, Suicide prevention awareness

Violet - Cervical and ovarian cancer awareness, Testicular cancer awareness, Domestic violence awareness, Drug overdose awareness, Pagan pride, Alzheimer's disease awareness, 

Lilac - Epilepsy awareness

Red - Aids awareness, Substance abuse awareness, Heart disease awareness

Grey - Diabetes awareness, Brain cancer awareness, Asthma awareness

Black - Wiccan/Pagan rights, 9/11, Mourning, Transgender hate crime awareness, Violence agains men awareness

Soft Pink - Breast cancer awareness

Yellow Green - Leagalize marijuana, Glaucoma awareness, Depression awareness, Lyme disease awareness, Environmental protection, Bipolar disease awareness, Public school support, Mental health awareness, 

Teal - Sexual assault awareness, Tsunami victims, Anxiety disorder awarness,  Post-traumatic stress disorder awareness, Obsessive compulsive disorder awareness, Tourette's syndrome awareness

Gold - Childhood cancer awareness

Silver - Schizophrenia awareness, Dyslexia awareness Parkinson's disease awareness



Wall Decal Checkmark Decal has a matte finish to reduce light reflections and look more natural.

Wall Decal Checkmark Easily removable without any damage to the surface.

Designs are made of the highest quality interior safe wall vinyl.

All of our vinyl wall decals are produced in the U.S.A.

Easy to Install. Comes with detailed instructions, a free squeege and test decal.


Color Disclaimer

Colors in our previewer and example images are a computer rendition and may not be 100% accurate. We advise you to view our color chart to see an actual picture of the color for a better representation.