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Welcome! We're so glad you found us! Thank you for choosing Wallums Wall Decals as your premier source for custom Wall Decals. We have been providing premium vinyl decals since 2006 and established the brand Wallums in 2010. We are located in beautiful Sebastopol, CA only an hour north of San Francisco. You can contact us via email at sales @ wallums.com (be sure to remove the spaces) or use the contact form. To reach us by phone, please call (888) I-WANT-DECALS (492-6833).

Wallums is a small business run by a couple with an incredible entrepreneurial drive. Steve and I [Michele] are a quiet couple located in the funky little city, Sebastopol, California. We currently reside in an amazing live/work building with a feisty feline and most adorable English Bulldog and we rarely stray far from home. Vinyl Decals have become a rather strange passion of ours... We love creating dynamic spaces that don't require a lot of work or money and decals can make any space amazing! Sure, painting walls looks great but it certainly isn't practical to do every other month when you decide you want something a little different. Are you like us and want to change the color of the wall before you're even finished painting it? [By us I mean me, Steve doesn't care what color it is as long as its not purple.. ]

I went to school for Photography, Art, and Graphic Design. I can't decide which I love more and tend to make myself crazy by doing them all, all the time. Steve has always been a natural entrepreneur and is constantly coming up with amazing ideas and learning new skills. Together, we're constantly coming up with new ideas and always excited about the next big project!

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Wallums.com is a company dedicated to customer service and quality. We strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Our operating philosophy is to minimize overhead to deliver the highest quality product at the most economical price in the shortest time possible. We want to make you one of our loyal customers.



At Wallums.com we have a Roland GX-500 vinyl cutter which is capable of cutting material up to 48" wide. We also utilize a Vinyl Express Q60 that is capable of cuts up to 24" wide. We are capable of printing full color wall decals on our Roland 54" eco-solvent printer. Our Roland eco-solvent printer is also capable of producing outdoor vinyl banners, full color decals and stickers. Our 44" Canon Imageprograf 8300 is happy to print your photos on canvas and other fine art media with outstanding quality and details.


We primarily use Oracal brand vinyl and have over 100 varying colors, sizes and grades of vinyl in stock. For our wall decals, we utilize the Oracal 631 series of vinyl that has a special removable adhesive.

  Vinyl Cutter and Vinyl  

Roland GX-500