Objects & Furniture

Are you a chotchky collector at heart, but a minimalist by circumstance? Do you yearn to transform your smaller space into a grander place but just don't have the room? We have a solution with our furniture stickers and decals! If your small flat just doesn't afford you the opportunity to hang that gorgeous chandelier you have always dreamt of having, why not put vintage furniture decals on the wall? You'll get that chic look without losing an ounce of precious space? From fanciful frames and feathers to tantalizing tables and towering tiki statues, this collection of removable object and furniture wall decals will give you carte blanche when it comes to turning your cramped quarters into a sprawling, sensational space without having to give up the actual space to stretch and unwind!

2014 Corvette Wall Decal
cars-2014 corvette-kh
Maat Goddess Wall Decal
Jeep Wrangler Wall Decal
cars-jeep wrangler-kh
World Globe Wall Decal
Dart Board Wall Decal
Pointing Hand Wall Decal
VW Bug Wall Decal
cars-vw bug-kh
Mini Pineapples Printed Wall Decal
Bursting Volleyball Wall Decal
Pirate Flag Wall Decal
objects-pirate flag-kh
Girls Bike Wall Decal
kids-girls bike-kh
Southwestern Tepee Printed Wall Decal
Dodge Viper Wall Decal
cars-dodge viper-kh
Kids Picket Fence Printed Wall Decal
Vespa Wall Decal
Boxing Gloves Wall Decal