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Welcome to the Wallums wall decor clearance center. Here you will find various Wallums wall decals, prints, and murals available for purchase at a discounted rate. The prices may be cheap, but the quality is still the same high quality of the rest of our decals. All of the wall decals in this category are either customer returns/exchanges or extras that we made. Please note that items in this clearance category are only available in the size and color combinations listed on the product description. If the color/size combination is not what you are looking for, you can still order the same design in the regular part of our store. Due to the alread discounted nature of these items, discount codes/coupons cannot be used on clearance items.

[CLEARANCE] Storm Grey 36" To Sleep Perchance to Dream Wall Decal
[CLEARANCE] Storm Grey 36" To Sleep Percha...

$29.99   $14.99

[CLEARANCE] 8" Mustache Cupcakes Printed Wall Decal
[CLEARANCE] 8" Mustache Cupcakes Printed W...

$23.99   $15.99

[CLEARANCE] Silver 36" Sleep, That Deplorable Curtailment Wall Quote Decal
[CLEARANCE] Silver 36" Sleep, That Deplora...

$49.99   $24.99

Candy Canes Printed Wall Art Decal
[CLEARANCE] Candy Canes Printed Wall Decal

$34.99   $20.99

[CLEARANCE] Black 24" Lacrosse Female Player Wall Art Decal
[CLEARANCE] Black 24" Lacrosse Female Play...

$24.99   $14.99

Hanging Light Bulb Wall Decal
[CLEARANCE] 38" Warm Grey Hanging Light Bu...

$29.99   $17.99

The Love of a Family Wall Quote Decal
[CLEARANCE] Black 24" The Love of a Family...

$24.99   $14.99

Bless this wall decal quote
[CLEARANCE] Black 24" Bless This Home And ...

$29.99   $17.99